Finding a career or job that aligns with your aptitude, interest, life goals and personality can help you feel fulfilled. But sometimes the decision making can be challenging, person gets confused regarding which professional direction to take. Career counseling is a service that assists person in finding a right professional path.

Clients can also seek advice on their ongoing job search,and to understand the available options and to evaluate professional decisions.

Career counseling is a process that involve interviewing a client, assessing client aptitude, interests, personality and finally facilitating the client in developing most suitable career goals.


Premarital counseling is a therapy that prepares the couples mentally for marriage by helping them achieve a better understanding of each other and clearing the differences before the union is sealed.

Men and women have different physical, emotional and sexual needs. They may also differ in their outlook and expectations from marriage ( roles in marriage, family relationships, children and parenting, communication, finances, affection and sex, health issues, etc).

Counseling aids the couple in ensuring that they have a smooth and healthy relationship throughout life by setting realistic goals for marriage.


Marriage is a most important and most looked forward to event in life. When two people come together to form union they come with their individual characteristics and they don’t always match. And if these differences grate their nerves after a while, the communication problems arise leading to diminishing of love, care, and sharing. There are various factors like infidelity, finances, unemployment, physical or mental conditions, sexual difficulties, etc that may derail the married life. Eventually a bad relationship starts impacting all areas of one’s life.

In marriage counseling joint therapy sessions of couples are planned. The counselor helps to build the insight regarding the sources of conflicts and facilitates in resolving them.

Marriage counseling helps resolve conflicts and equip couples with tools like conflict resolution skills, effective communication, stress management for discussing differences rationally,  and solving problems. 

Marriage counseling is also helpful for people who have a good relationship but want to strengthen it further.


Dr. Dullet  customizes the package of treatment as per the needs and comforts of the client. Some of the therapies such as  emotion focused therapy, narrative therapy, CBT, relational life therapy, discernment therapy have proven to be very effective in dealing with marriage problems.


Parental counseling is a service that focuses on facilitating parents  take care of their children in a healthy manner so that children can grow up to be fully functioning human being and lead a contented and happy life.

The aim of the counseling is to provide knowledge, guidance , tools and support to parents so they become more equipped in rearing their children.

There are modalities of therapies that help gain understanding regarding personalities of their children and their parental styles and in modifying the style to suit the child’s personality so that parents can give their best in developing child’s personality.


These disorders are very common and present across all cultures, genders and age groups all over the world. These disorders are very debilitating and have an adverse effect on all aspects of one’s life. These disorders are characterised by abuse and dependence on substances. Some examples of this disorder are alcohol related disorder, cannabis related disorder, inhalant use disorder, stimulant use disorder,tobacco use disorder.


CBT , contingency management, motivational interviewing are very effective in managing  the disorder.


It is a disease characterised by physiological and psychological inability to stop consuming a substance, drug, chemical or activity,  even though it is causing harm in various aspects of one’s life, viz. physical, psychological, financial, career etc. some of the symptoms of addiction are continued use despite serious consequences, severe loss of control, preoccupation with using, increased tolerance , withdrawal and failed attempts to quit.


Treatment of addiction is personalized. Various modalities of therapies are used independently or in combinations designed as per the needs of the client.


If a person spends so much of a time on internet that it takes precedence over the most important aspects of life ( relationships, job, school,etc.), it is classified as a an internet addiction. Internet addiction may lead to various kinds of serious physical and psychological problems like body aches, weight gain or loss, depression, sleep problems, dishonesty, social isolation, aggression and mood swings.

The choice of treatment to be applied depends on multiple factors like severity of the addiction, personality and needs of the client, etc. Dr. Dullet discusses with the client before designing a therapy package to be applied.


Also called a nomophobia is an extension of internet addiction disorder. It is characterised by the compulsive use of phone at the cost of other important areas of person’s life. The red flags that indicate smart phone addiction are concealing the use of smartphone, isolation from family and friends,  fear of missing out (FOMO), feeling anxious if the battery is down or phone is left at home, feel phantom vibrations, and problem in completing tasks at home and work.

Smart phone addiction can lead to serious mental health implications i.e. distress, anxiety, increased loneliness, depression, attention issues, sleep problems, etc.


In this type of addiction, the person is addicted to a human-being. In this condition the person can develop addiction to a friend, lover, children, guru, sponsor, movie star, etc. Love addiction is characterised by spending much time and efforts on the person to whom they are addicted. They value the person above themselves and are kind of obsessed with them. In doing so they tend to neglect their needs and well-being.

This addiction stems out of fear of abandonment and subconscious fear of intimacy.  The expectation behind this addiction is to get solution to their problems, validation, care,  unconditional positive regard. When these unrealistic needs are not met the addict develops resentment towards the person and creates conflicts in the relationship.


Therapy helps the person to realise the root causes of the problem that often lie in childhood, enhancing their awareness about their feelings and emotions and releasing of emotions that lead to unhealthy behaviours.


It is a learned behaviour that affects person’s ability to form and maintain healthy, and satisfying relationships. They form one sided relationships that are abusive, and emotionally draining. People living in dysfunctional families are vulnerable to develop  Co-dependency.

Co-dependency is characterised by an exaggerated sense responsibility for the action of others, taking over a martyr’s role. They try to take care of a person who is feeling difficulty in more compulsive and defeating ways. The co-dependent develops a sense of reward and satisfaction from being needed.


Dr. Dullet helps clients  in developing insight into their problems, causes, what they tell to themselves. She facilitates her clients in creating a positive path to recovery and finding more healthy and fulfilling relationships in their lives.


Family is the backbone and major support system for our existence but rapid technological advances and changes in value system of younger generations  have lead to major changes in how we relate and  communicate with our family members.

With T.V. in every room and every member having a cell phone, family members do hear but often fail to listen, or listen, yet fail to respond. This break down in communication disrupts the family unit leading to disintegration of the household.

Family units are more diverse in today’s world such as single parent family, mixed religion, mixed race and multicultural households leading to difference in beliefs, methodologies, opinions can put family in crisis. Problems arising due to conflict between members from different  generation also puts strain on family.


Family therapy resolves the conflict, improves the  interaction between family members ,  communication skills are enhanced and misunderstandings are removed.