Therapy and counselling involves looking closely at yourself inorder to identify the things that are troubling you. Psychologist can help you develop an insight into your problem and lead you to healthier, happier and more productive life. I will apply scientifically validated procedures and techniques to help you develop adaptive and effective behaviour. I will provide  you a neutral, empathic and non-judgemental environment in which we will work together to identify and modify the thought and behaviour patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best. I will assist you in looking at the problem from different perspectives and will help you in moving towards most appropriate effective  solutions. For the therapy to work it is imperative that you must be honest in describing your symptoms, actively engaged and work during the session as well as between sessions, being willing to complete assignments given to you and should attend appointments as set.   You might feel relunctant because of the stigma attached to this field. Overcoming this  relunctance  is worth it. That’s because anytime you feel decrease in happiness and satisfaction in life or decline in quality of life, psychotherapy can help you regain it. My professional training and neutral approach enables me to support you in a way your near and dear ones cannot. I would like to assure you that everything you share in your session will be kept confidential except for the information I am obligated by law to disclose to designated authorities.

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The duration of the therapy depends on multitude of factors such as problem at hand, gaols set by you, personality of the he client, type of modality applied, effective participation and interest of the client, etc. The frequency of the session would depend on your particular needs . A short term therapy would last about 8-10 sessions. And duration of each session would be 40-45 minutes.

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